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Water Treatment Direct make products for all your household water treatment requirements. These are now available for purchase from our new online eShop at: Pure Water Works. Whether you have a problem with limescale or you want to drink freshly filtered water straight from your tap, we have the solution for you. We supply everything you need for better water quality.

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to protect your
Limescale Removers
Washing machines and dishwashers suffer from limescale build up. Protect your appliances from limescale damage with no need to add tablets to every wash, with our easy fit, long lasting products.
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water filters
Drinking Water Filters
We manufacture and supply under sink water filters that are simple to fit and offer far more convenience than filter jugs or bottled water. Visit our online shop now to buy filters and refills.
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save money on
bottled water
Water Saving Calculator
Buying just 4 bottles of water per week will cost you more than £800 over 5 years! We'll show you how to have the quality of bottled water for a fraction of the price and calculate how much you'll save.